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Base Design

Our bases are constructed of a thin layer of permeable skin-like material. These are so transparent that when placed on the scalp, only your natural scalp is visible. Additionally we add small ventilation holes so your scalp can breathe naturally. Hair is injected into the base at pre-determined angles to replicate the lift and naturalness of real hair. Since hair is injected, there are no knots to show, making this the most realistic hairpiece available today!

Frontal Designs

  • Scalloped FrontThe front edge is designed with small semi-circles along the hairline, thus giving a realistic appearance. This is the most popular.
  • Smooth Line Front- The front edge is smooth. Perfect if you have some of your own natural hair for a front line.

Types of Hair

  • Human Hair - We use only the highest quality hair from the Far East, which is less prone to knotting and tangling.
  • European Hair - The cream of the crop in human hair. Only slightly processed and taken from one donor, this hair is much softer and silkier than processed human hair.

Hair Curl

Matching your current curl is critical for that undetectable look.

Our Hair Systems can be made with any type of curl. Refer to our Design Brochure for specifics on the different curls available.

If you don’t know what curl to specify – don’t worry. By sending a picture and a sample of you current curl we can match your hair exactly.

Hair Density

Hair Density (hairs per sq. inch) is an important factor to consider when designing a hair system. 

Most people need a Hair Systems with a medium density. However every person is different and it is important to specify your hair density as:

Medium Light Density – Hair density is 7% lighter then medium
Medium Density – Average density of most people
Medium Heavy Density – Hair density is 7% thicker then medium

As men age, the density of their hair normally decreases. For a Hair System to look totally natural, it must be designed to reflect a man's age and his existing hair. 

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